My book; Northern ReSisters

IMG_3753Northern ReSisters:conversations with Radical Women, written by Bernadette Hyland, published on 1 May 2015. ISBN 978-0-9932247-0-06 £5.95

In the book I speak  to nine women from the north west who have been active in radical movements over the pasty forty years, including trade unionism, Women’s Liberation, radical bookselling, anti-racism, the peace movement, Ireland and Palestine.

 I ask the question; what does it mean to be an activist; how does it affect your life and how do people keep going at a time of increasing attacks on all the aspects of this society that has made it a decent place for people to live?

My conversations with these women cover many of the important issues of the post war era: the peace movement, trade unions, women’s rights and issues around sexuality, anti-fascist campaigns, Ireland and Palestine. It is their story, it is my story and it may be yours.”

In the second part of the book  I have  selected a number of my  articles previously published between 1988 and 2014. These include articles about Irish identity and politics in Britain, an interview with Bernadette Devlin McAliskey, an article about trade union education projects and a discussion with writers Cathy Crabb, Alice Nutter, Maxine Peake and Sally Wainwright on whether there is such a thing as a “northern writer”.

The book has 76 pages and is professionally designed and printed with numerous pictures to acompany the articles. It costs £5.95

Reviews and articles about the book

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How To Buy This Book.


This book  will not be sold through Amazon.

Northern Resisters can be purchased online from News From Nowhere (the “real Amazons”)

By post

Please send orders to Mary Quaile Club, 6 Andrew Street,  Mossley Lancashire OL5 0DN. The cost is £6.95 including p&p. Please make cheques payable to BFC Hyland.


Buy it at Home bookshop in Manchester  see

Buy it at Chorlton Books see

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1 Response to My book; Northern ReSisters

  1. dkbuntovnik says:

    More books like this ought to be published because it’s important to know the stories of activists. I am publishing my (fictional) story about activists on my wordpress and I would be honored if you gave it a read. Although I spent a lot of time and worked hard to write it and I would like to be materially rewarded for that labor, I believe it is simply too radical and the subject matter too taboo to be picked up by a traditional publisher, at least at this time. So that is why I am publishing it for free on the internet.

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