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Feminism in 2014: what do women want? (1)

In this occasional series I will be interviewing women and discussing what feminism means to them in 2014. Over the last thirty years the lives of women in this country has changed rapidly with growing numbers of women in the … Continue reading

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Political Women (10) Alice Nutter

Alice Nutter … Formerly in Chumbawamba, now a regular scriptwriter for TV and radio, Alice is from a working class family in Burnley, Lancashire: It’s a myth that all working class people are leftwing. My parents were weavers, but were … Continue reading

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Eva Gore- Booth: Irish feminist, political activist, poet..

Eva Gore- Booth An Image of such politics by Sonja Tiernan (Manchester University Press) ISBN 978-0-7190-8232-0 Ruth and Eddie Frow were the first people to tell me about Eva Gore- Booth and her companion and fellow activist Esther Roper. They … Continue reading

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Redder than my lipstick!!

I am feminist, socialist, northern, Irish, working class.  I count myself as a privileged person to be able to be part of this tradition that has enriched the history and lives of people in this country and in the world. … Continue reading

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