My Published Articles

This is a list of articles I have had published. To read an article,  simply click on the title.

Morning Star, December 17 2018, “Eye-opening account of Irish women’s exodus to Britain”

Morning Star, November 13 2018,  “Essential herstory of wages for housework movement”

Morning Star September 10 2018,  “Ballymurphy Massacre documentary poses question yet to be answered.”

Morning Star August 30 2018, “Survivor of Miami Showband Massacre during Ireland’s ‘Troubles’ seeks justice.

Morning Star August 26 2018 “Revelatory account of the ‘untouchables’ experience in the making of India”

Morning Star July 26 2018, “We may soon all have cause to fear the dawn raid.”

Morning Star July 23 2018, Laski’s satire on Tory “heaven” is in a class apart”.

Morning Star July 19 2018, Landmark strike in the struggle for equal pay

Morning Star, July 3 2018, Striking reminder in show on landmark US labour dispute

Morning Star,  March 26 2018,  The Era that lit the fuse of feminist revolution

Morning Star, 1 November 2017, Working Class Movement Library Celebrates The Lives of Its Founders.

Morning Star, 21 August 2017, my review of Why We March, Signs of Protest and Hope, Voices from the Women’s March.

Morning Star, 16 August 2017, my article on “Historical echoes of the Peterloo Massacre”.

Morning Star, 5 July 2017, my . review of an exhibtion at the People’s History Museum “British Communism’s Culture Wars”.

Morning Star, 18 June 2017,  my review of The Violence of Austerity, edited by Vicky Cooper and David Whyte,

Morning Star, 4 June 2017,  my  review of “Struggle or Starve” Working class unity in Belfast’s 1932 Outdoor Relief Riots.

Morning Star, 30 April 2017, a new website celebrtaes trade union sisters in the North West.

Morning Star, 26 April 2017, my review of the  play “My Country”,  Blind  Leading the Blind

Morning Star, 7 March 2017, My interview with Audrey White sexaul harassmnet and the Lady at Lord John dispute in Liverpool in 1983.

The Meteor, 1 March 2017, What do a care worker, spy and suffragette have in common?

Booksbywomen, February 2017 Mary Quaile Why Don’t we Know More about Her?

Morning Star, 13 February 2017, Troubled Legacy

Morning Star, 9 February 2017; Finding Inspiration in the Worker’s State

Economy, September 2016 Meet the vegetarian cafe that’s fighting the vicious spiral of poor diet, poverty and mental illness

Morning Star, 18 June 2016 A Proud Thorn in the Establishment’s Side

Morning Star, 28 May 2016 Putting Trade Unionism back on the Menu

Morning Star, 21 May 2016, Concrete Realities of Life at the Margins

Morning Star, 27 April 2016, Teas, Tips and Trade Unionism

Now Then magazine, February 2016, my review of Angry White People see

Morning Star, 13 October 2015 my article about Mary Quaile; Too Vital to Forget

Morning Star, 4 August 2015,  my interview with Charlotte Hughes activist and blogger in Tameside Local Fightback Stays Staunch

Morning Star, 23 July 2015,  my article on the Manchester International Festival A Tale of Two Tents


Morning Star 23 June 2015 my article on whether Manchester should have a statue to a woman   Feminist Monument or Progress Standing Still?

Morning Star 1 May 2015 Radical Women who Shape Our Struggle

Contributoria 1 March 2015 my interview with Manchester author Karen Woods

Contributoria 1 February 2015 Migrant Workers in Manchester; the truth behind the xenophobia

Morning Star 15 January 2015 Seeking Out the Socialist behind Doctor Who

Contributoria 1 January 2015 NHS Condition Critical?

Now Then magazine 4 December 2014 Local Working Class History and the Mary Quaile Club

Contributoria; 1 December 2014; FC United – putting the community back into football

Morning Star; Theatre review; 19 November 2014 England Arise

Contributoria, November 2014, “Naming The Dead: from Peterloo To Gaza”.

Morning Star, 23 October 2014, my article on the play “England Arise”.

Contributoria,  October 2014,  Betty Tebbs A Woman of Our Time

Salford Star, September 2014, my review of  Hamlet at the Royal Exchange Theatre

Contributoria, September 2014,  Bee Positive; Tasting the Honey in Harpurhey

Contributoria, August 2014 Salford Star; championing community journalism

Contributoria,  July 2014 Who Stole the Money from our Pay Packets?

Contributoria,  June 2014, What would women  vanish for in 2014?

Contributoria, May 2014, Northern Accent; women writers reflect on writing about the north.

Morning Star, 30 April 2014 my interview with Johanna’s Winard about her novel, Ruby’s War

Contributoria, April 2014                                                              Is Classical music just for the middle classes?

Contributoria, March 2014                                                            “From Factory Workers to Care Workers”  women workers in East Manchester 

Feminist Times February 2014  my interview with Peter Tatchell, human rights activist

The Big Issue in the North, 20 January 2014
my article on the exhibition at Oldham Gallery featuring the work of  Albert Adams

Morning Star, 1 February 2014
my interview with Paula Bartley about her new biography of Ellen Wilkinson, MP

Feminist Times, 27 November 2013
Older women rally to save the NHS

Morning Star, 29 October 2013
my interview with Anandi Murthy about her new book Black Star, Britain’s Asian Youth Movement

Morning Star, 9 October 2013, my feature on Brighton artists remaking Picasso’s Guernica

Morning Star, 27 September 2013, my feature on Irwell Valley Mining Project

Morning Star, 25  August 2013 , my interview with John Newsinger about his new book on the Dublin lockout

The Guardian, 3 July 2013,  Comment Is Free, Tameside Hospital

Northern Soul, 29 June 2013, my preview of the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival

Morning Star, 9 June 2013, my interview with Paul Kelly and Alice Searle about the Irwell Valley Mining Project

The Big Issue in the North, 6 June 2013,  my interview with artist Brian Clarke about his exhibition at Oldham Gallery

Northern Soul, 6 June 2013, my review of Olafur Arnalds concert at RNCM

Northern Soul, 29 May 2013, my interview with actor Rachel Austin about the play Manchester Sound; The Massacre

Northern Soul, 22 May 2013, my preview of a talk by Cazz Blase on women in punk, Riot Grrrl and fanzine culture

Northern Soul, 29 April 2013, my review of Don’t Shoot the Messenger! by Mikron Theatre

Northern Soul, 19 April 2013, my visit to Gorton Monastery

Morning Star
, 18 April 2013, my interview with Steve Hall about the  anti-frack campaign  in Lancashire

Morning Star, 9 April 2013, my interview with Steve Acheson, blacklisted electrician

Northern Soul, 1 April 2013, my preview of the exhibition by Red Saunders  Hidden at PHM

Morning Star,23 March 2013, The fight to save a piece of Salford’s history.

Morning Star, 5 February 2013, “People power can save our NHS

The Guardian Northerner 6 November 2012, my interview with Gina Frost at Three Minute theatre, Manchester

The Guardian Northerner, 9 October 2012,  my interview with playwright Michael Crowley

The Guardian Northerner, 3 October 2012, my interview with historian Michael Herbert

The Guardian Northerner, 11 September 2012, my interview with novelist, Livi Michael

The Guardian Northerner, 31 August 2012, The Wigan Diggers Festival

The Guardian Northerner, 13 August 2012, The Oldham Unity Destitution Project

The Guardian Northerner, 6 August 2012, my interview with film-maker Faisal A Quereshi

The Guardian Northerner, 17 July 2012, preview of 24/7 festival

The Guardian Northerner, 28 May 2018, The transit of Venus: My interview with playwright  Eric Northey

Morning Star 18 May 2012, My interview with Lee Hall

The Guardian Northerner, 10 May 2012, A Manchester woman’s search for truth and justice

Morning Star, 7 May 2012, Albert Adams exhibition in Salford

The Guardian Northerner 7 May 2012, Woody Guthrie Comes to Salford

Morning Star, 30 April 2012, review of Mikron Theatre show

The Guardian Northerner, 27 April 2012, My interview with playwright Cathy Crabb

Morning Star 9 April 2012, My interview with film-maker Ken Loach

Morning Star, 4 April 2012, Mikron Theatre’s new show: Can You Keep a Secret?

Morning Star, 28 March 2012, Pivotal Role for Unions

Manchester Mule, 8 March 2012, Reclaim International Women’s Day

Morning Star, 27 February 2012, It’s Never Too Late To Start Learning

Manchester Mule, 24 February 2012, Preview of Manchester Histories Festival

Manchester Mule, 19 December 2011, Book Review: Counterpower by Tim Gee

Manchester Mule, 6 December 2011, Park Cakes Dispute Ends As Threatened Strike Wins protecton For Temps

Manchester Mule, 6 June 2011, Oldham Campaigners Fight to End Destitution

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