“Anti-Nazi Germans” “Enemies of the Nazi State from within the Working Class Movement.” by Marilyn Moos “German Volunteers in the French Resistance” by Steve Cushion. (2020)

anti-nazi germans

This review is written by Mike Luft, lifelong anti-fascist and communist.


‘Not by beatings, nor by hanging can you

Be brought to the point of saying

Nowadays twice two makes five….

But you remain determinedly committed to the truth.’



This book, written with passion and scholarship, refutes the slander that there was no opposition to Hitler from the organised working class. For the English reader this will bring to light perhaps for the first in a more comprehensive form the heroism of the “small people” who time after time withstood unimaginable torture,cruelty and even murder.

People who, after leaving the concentration camps battered and bloodied, returned to the struggle against Nazi barbarism, often giving their lives in the struggle for freedom.

Even when forced to flee their country they did not give up the struggle. They joined the International Brigades in Spain defending the democratically elected Republican government against the fascist usurper Franco who was supported by Hitler’s Nazis and Mussolini’s fascists They came from the Nazi concentration camps bloody but unbowed to fight for their Spanish brothers and sisters. Even after the defeat of the Republic they did not give up the struggle but joined the French Resistance.

This book memorialises and honours their sacrifice. In spite of the authors meticulous research many will remain unknown heroes.There are many instances of heroism of the fighters we know about who are honoured in this book. But rather than single out individuals and separating them from their comrades, I will mention a few resistance groups who typify the courage of their comrades:

The Baum group in Berlin that united predominantly Jewish antifascists.

The Saefkow–Jacob-Bastlein group of workers.

The heroic miners of Carmaux who organised a massive insurrection against the coal owners and the Nazis.

The refugee fighters of the FTP-MOI comprising of Armenian, Polish, German and Jewish resistance fighters, some of whom were immortalised in the French film “The army of crime”. These heroes have been consciously hidden from history in the English speaking world.

But thanks to Moos and Cushion they have been rescued from obscurity and revealed to us in their true dignity, courage and humanity. This book with its copious references, a useful multilingual bibliography and committed scholarship is essential reading for anyone opposed to fascism and racism or is a serious student of the Nazi period.

It’s conclusion is a timely warning against the emergence of far right and fascist organisations in a society in crisis.

It is eminently readable and an inspiration in the coming struggles.

Nothing should be forgotten.

No one should be forgotten.

Soviet saying about World War II

Read this book. You need it!


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