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brussels business




The Brussels Business, a documentary that  asks the question; who runs the European Union? Its  is one of the biggest economies in the world and therefore dominates the lives of us all. This screening  is organised by the Manchester Film Cooperative. It will be followed by a discussion about the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP),  a trade agreement that will open up Europe’s public health, education and water services to US companies. This could  mean the privatisation of the NHS. The campaign against TTIP is growing,  so find out more and listen to speakers from 38 Degrees, the University of Manchester and Ethical Consumer. Maybe too many speakers and where are the activists?! Further info see



mary higgs




The Amazing Mary Higgs by Carol Talbot. Born in 1854 Mary was a fascinating character. She was from a religious family but chose to investigate the lives of some of the most vulnerable in society at that time; women. Going undercover nowadays is a weekly occurence by the media but when Mary did it, and because of who she was, it was really risky and dangerous. She spent her life campaigning for better living conditions for those unemployed women who were forced into tramp wards of workhouses and lodging houses. Her work was recognised and led to the creation of hostels for homeless women and reform of the law. Mary did much more, including working to improve the enviroment of her home town of Oldham. Unfortunately this book is written in a very staid  way, maybe reflecting that it was originally written for an MA dissertation. Mary’s life was an exciting one for a woman of her age but I think the author fails to bring this across. Make your own mind up, though.  You can buy it at

Go for a walk

Tameside 2



around radical Ashton on Sunday 2 November and support the local Tameside Against the Cuts campaign. Read Charlotte’s blog about how this small group of people, who have no money,  stand outside Ashton Job Centre each week to support unemployed people who are being victimised because they are poor.  The walk starts at 11am from the Town Hall steps and costs £7. If you cannot come on the walk, please pledge a donation. See

Go to a talk…





by socialist historian Robert Turnbull about his new book; Left for the Rising Sun, Right for Swan Hunter. History written by a socialist to inspire and educate us about our past and our possible future. Rob is speaking at 2pm on Wednesday 29 October at the wcml. Read my review at

Wear a white poppy




…the symbol of peace. I wear it  to remember all the people, particularly the conscientious objectors of the First World War, who suffered because of their opposition to the war. I am not a pacifist, though,  if anyone hits me, I will hit them back! Find out why you should wear a white poppy at You can buy one at the Working Class Movement Library  or

About lipstick socialist

I am an activist and writer. My interests include women, class, culture and history. From an Irish in Britain background I am a republican and socialist. All my life I have been involved in community and trade union politics and I believe it is only through grass roots politics that we will get a better society. This is reflected in my writing, in my book Northern ReSisters Conversations with Radical Women and my involvement in the Mary Quaile Club. .If you want to contact me please use my gmail which is lipsticksocialist636
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