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Watch...We are the Best (Cornerhouse) punk music, in this country is associated with high levels of youth unemployment, a hatred of the establishment and the creation of an alternative culture so what can a film set in 1982 in socialist Sweden have to say about the genre? It is more about a gentle rebellion by three teenage girls rather than any challenge to the state or status quo. One of the young women, Bobo, is neglected by her divorced parents and it is through her friendship with Klara and Hedwig that she finds a sense of belonging and a new life through being part of a punk band. Strangely it is more the fact that they cut their hair short that seems to cause an outcry with their families and school. Not what I expected of progressive Sweden in the 80s! Nothing outrageous happens in the film, it is a sweet story of friendship between young women and the music is very much a backdrop to this.

Join in. Workers’ Memorial Day Tuesday 28 April. A day to “remember the dead; fight for the living” when trade unionists meet up with support groups to remember all those people who have been killed at work and campaign to stop it happening again. In Manchester there is a rally at 11.30 at Albert Square. Speakers: Trade Unionists, Teresa Griffin MEP candidate, Families Against Corporate Killers, GM Asbestos Victims Support Group, young workers. A minutes silence, laying of wreaths. and a short play: Demented deregulatory daleks defeated by collective action! Shout out for safety: Then a walk to People’s History Museum for Meeting at 12.45 ‘Standing up for Health and Safety H&S in UK and EU’ Speakers include regional TUC secretary Lynn Collins and Teresa Griffin. There is also an Exhibition at the People’s History Museum “2young2die@work”. Further info see

Look at…an exhibition by Italian artist Paola Bazz at the Cornerhouse. I love the way she recycles magazines to create 3D collages which are attractive and complex depending from where you view them. She says; “I am now looking to explore further the dimension and the power of printed paper, along with issues like the conflict of opposites and of “chaos”. Love it! Further info about Paola see

Remember……Tony Benn on 1st May a May Day Peace Picnic in Heaton Park at the Peace tree near the Nursery from 530-730pm. Greater Manchester CND have organised it and they say; “Please join us and, in true Tony Benn style, bring a folding chair, veggie butty box and flask of tea – pipes optional. We will be sharing our memories of Tony so please bring yours with you and, if you’d like, share them with everyone. There will also be readings from his life, poetry and a song or two.”

Take action against….UKIP and the BNP..Hope not Hate have a day of action in Tameside and Oldham on Sunday 4 May starting at 11am. They are distributing a newspaper challenging the myths about immigration and race and showing the real, more positive attitude that does exist between communities. Further details….see

Go to a playBrassed Off..was one of my favourite films and the Bolton Octagon are putting on a production next month based on the original story and the 1996 film. I remember going to the film at the Manchester Odeon and at the end the audience, which included ex-miners and their families, stood up and clapped. It is a fantastic story, reminding us of how important music is, particularly during difficult times in our lives but the main character Danny (played by the wonderful Pete Postlethwaite ) puts it into context; “The truth is, I thought it mattered – I thought that music mattered. But does it? Bollocks! Not compared to how people matter.” 
Danny, Brassed Off Further details see

Listen to… some rich folk music of eastern Europe on She’Koyokh‘s new CD “Wild Goats & Unmarried Women”. A truly international band with members from UK, USA, Greece, Serbia and Turkey they play an exciting mixture of klezmer and jazz music. Watch them at

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I am an activist and writer. My interests include women, class, culture and history. From an Irish in Britain background I am a republican and socialist. All my life I have been involved in community and trade union politics and I believe it is only through grass roots politics that we will get a better society. This is reflected in my writing, in my book Northern ReSisters Conversations with Radical Women and my involvement in the Mary Quaile Club. .If you want to contact me please use my gmail which is lipsticksocialist636
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