Stop,Look,Listen…my weekly selection of favourite films, books and events to get you out of the house

Watch….the Miners Hymns (2012) by Bill Morrison at the Small Cinema in Moston.. A fascinating film made about the coal industry in the north east of England. Woven into the film is rare footage from the British Film Institute, the BBC and other archives. It tells the real story of the hardship of mining, the role of the National Union of Mineworkers to wrest dignity and a living wage from the Government and the social context of mining, including the Durham Miners Gala. And to give it a local focus ex-miner Paul Kelly and local filmmaker Richard Searle will show some of their film footage of the history of the miners in North Manchester as well as a film of the 2013 Durham Miners Gala.
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Take part…On Saturday 12 October from 2-5pm at the Working Class Movement Library join activist artists from Brighton who are re-making Picasso’s sombre anti-war masterpiece, Guernica, by gently sewing the famous shapes into a huge banner. Pop in any time during the afternoon to contribute a bit of stitching (no previous sewing skills necessary), take part in conversation, or just to have a brew and watch collective creativity at work. The artists/activists are inspired by Picasso’s view of art: No, painting is not done to decorate apartments. It is an instrument of war for attack and defense against the enemy. Their aim is to encourage people to get involved not just in the art of sewing but to sew and share recollections and reflections on their histories of struggle. See

Find out about…
Cuts can be beaten! how mental health service users took on Salford Council and won….read this inspiring story of how some of the most vulnerable users of the NHS challenged the relentless policy of cuts by Salford Labour Council. Salford is a poor city and over the last 3 years the Council has meekly carried out £80 million cuts imposed by the Tory government. This group of people alongside Salford Unison and Salford Against Cuts were not prepared to see their services destroyed. Read the full story in this booklet which can be bought for £2! Contact or on 07999 951869. Also available from Salford UNISON HQ in Swinton.

Debate class…
and punk with David Wilkinson “I read Nietzsche at fifteen”: The Fall’s Mark E. Smith and other working class autodidacts on the Manchester post-punk scene at the WCML…on 9 October at 2pm. Was punk that influential? Strange combination of words; working class and autodidacts….in other words people who studied at the University of Life…hopefully the talk is not just another PHD view of the punk phenomena but someone who was there when it happened as on the TUC NHS march……

You had to be there
on Sunday 29 September in Manchester and the NHS march. See the footage of the Artist Taxi Driver and his film of the event…see

About lipstick socialist

I am an activist and writer. My interests include women, class, culture and history. From an Irish in Britain background I am a republican and socialist. All my life I have been involved in community and trade union politics and I believe it is only through grass roots politics that we will get a better society. This is reflected in my writing, in my book Northern ReSisters Conversations with Radical Women and my involvement in the Mary Quaile Club. .If you want to contact me please use my gmail which is lipsticksocialist636
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