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Down with the crowned ruffians….

Of more worth is one honest man to society and in the sight of God, than all the crowned ruffians that ever lived. —Thomas Paine In 1978 Jim Allen’s play, The Spongers, was broadcast on the BBc in its Play … Continue reading

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Stop,Look,Listen! My weekly selection of favourite films, books and events to get you out of the house

Watch…Shoestring starring Trevor Eve as private “ear” Eddie Shoestring. He works on a Bristol based radio show and responds to the problems of his listeners. It was made in 1979 and has a very English style. Trevor Eve was fancied … Continue reading

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Falling through the craic……..

Manchester IBRG and Lord Mayor Eileen Kelly at the Hearts and Minds Conference November 1987 Review of Irish Blood: English Heart, Irish second generation musicians by Sean Campbell, published by Cork University Press. In this interesting, but flawed, book Sean … Continue reading

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Stop! Look! Listen! my weekly selection of favourite films, books and events to get you out of the house…

Watch.. Satin Rouge (2002) starring fabulous actor, Hiam Abbass. Set in Tunisia, it’s a sensual story of a widow who finds a way out of loneliness by becoming a belly dancer in a nightclub. For once, in a film, we … Continue reading

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Bill Brand; It is the People who Create………

Bill Brand (played by Jack Shepherd) speaking at a workers occupation Bill Brand, a TV series broadcast on ITV in the summer of 1976, was written by one of Britain’s (and Manchester’s) greatest playwrights, Trevor Griffiths. The drama is the … Continue reading

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Stop! Look! Listen! my weekly selection of favourite films, books and events to get you out of the house…

Watch…The King of Comedy (1983) One Of Martin Scorsese’s finest films, although it was not one of his most successful when it came out in 1983. A mixture of fantasy and real life it features Robert DeNiro as Rupert Pupkin, … Continue reading

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My interview with playwright Lee Hall

George Orwell in The Road to Wigan Pier wrote this about miners: “In a way it is even humiliating to watch coal miners working. It raises in you a momentary doubt about your own status as an ‘intellectual’ and a … Continue reading

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Stop! Look! Listen! a weekly selection of some of my favourite films/books/people…

Watch…The Good Companions (DVD) The TV series was made in 1980. It is Alan Plater’s adaptation of the J.B.Priestley’s book of the same name. I loved the book, which is the story of a struggling concert party, set in 1929, … Continue reading

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A Manchester Spring ?

The First of May is the day when workers across the world march together to celebrate their existence and, often, to highlight a particular issue. This week across Europe workers have challenged growing unemployment levels and shown their opposition to … Continue reading

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